Printed Perotech – New architectural BIPV solution technology

Printed Perotech TUTL-project, funded by Business Finland and Aalto university, develops perovskite based solar cell technology for commercial utilization. Project has solved the most common problems of perovskite solar cells: instability in energy generation and durability in utilizing environment. Active layers of the solar cell are printed on glass. Manufacturing does not require clean room environment or vacuum based production phases and can be fully automated for large scale production. As the structural product component is glass, development focus is on the building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) solutions. Technology enables the integration of the solar module components directly into architectural glass. Since the layers of the solar cell are printed, the shape of the cell can vary. The cells can form different patterns or semi-transparent areas. Potential BIPV solution area is wide: skylights, curtain walls, canopies, ventilated facades, shades, spandrels and façade gladding components made of glass. Technology development is in progress. Our aim is to demonstrate 12% efficiency by the end of 2019. Cost analysis is not yet completed, but the cost of the solar module manufacturing (excluding the glass) is suggested to be lower than 0,10€/Wp in large scale production.