Physically Accurate Visual Representation of Advanced Glass Facades

Glass represents highly appreciated material in architectural design language due to its unmatched physical and aesthetic properties. Over decades, spectrally selective coatings, tempering and laminating manufacturing techniques have improved its optical, thermal and structural performances manifold. On the other hand, since the introduction of curtain walls, glass has redefined modern building aesthetics, where minimalistic design and ornament scarcity have emphasized glass superb visual properties. Alongside prevalent advanced coatings, new developments in the glazing industry such as liquid crystal and electrochromic smart glazing have introduced challenges in how to visualize their properties in a physically accurate manner. Therefore, a true representation of these glazing compositions denotes one of the crucial steps in the informed glazing selection and fulfilling architectural aesthetic visions. So far, manufacturers have tried to represent their product range in various paper and digital forms that contain pre-rendered images of demo-buildings, also accounting for different environmental conditions. However, these approaches do not match a high demand from architects for true representations and visual communication of their particular designs. Hence, this paper aims to demonstrate universal workflow for optical characterization of advanced glazing with high visual accuracy in several rendering and gaming engines, for still imagery and real-time VR/AR/MR applications.