Options for Complex Geometry Facades – Single Corner vs. Free Form Cold-Bending

This decade brought up various global landmark projects being built in the Middle East. Driven by the strong will to reach new heights and unique landmark designs, architects and clients constantly push the façade industry to develop new, advanced and challenging technologies. One of the recent trends is the push for so called complex geometry facades featuring curved, twisted or even free-form shape facades. These designs often require very early involvement of the façade specialist and the use of advanced computer aided design technologies incl. parametric modelling with script based graphical algorithm editors. The output of these computational design processes is numerical and graphical output to evaluate the needs for curved or warped glass or façade elements. Referring to warped glass and utilizing the cold-bending, being significantly more cost effective compared to the traditional hot-bent glass, the two options single corner cold-bending and the free form cold-bending are compared and evaluated.

Benjamin Beer

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