One single model: structural glazing analysis for complex shape structures

Architect’s imagination is leading the buildings reaching higher standard in performances and shapes complexity. This challenge involves ever more the buildings skin and glazing surfaces and gives the opportunity to improve new structural design approach for those parts. Engineers must accurately define, considering the complex geometries, the correct area to be analysed and especially perfecting the calculation process and modelling. The aim of our research is to develop a specific process to analyse glazing elements in case of complex geometry structures. Starting point of this specific approach is to start immediately developing the design through the elaboration of the 3D geometry model improving it during design process with all the other aspects (architectural choice, performances requirement, geometry shapes etc…) in a “real time” approach up to the development and structural analysis of the whole project model. Using this approach called “one single model” it is possible to obtain an automatic analysis process starting from the complex geometry obtaining the structural analysis of all the glazed panels, allowing to immediately understand the most critical parts of the facade in terms of stress, deflection and giving the designer the opportunity to optimize the material on the whole curtain wall system.