Next Step in Structural Glass – Digital Design and Fabrication

Evolution in the design is now in the cyber space, where myriad of permutations could be processed in second and optimal option identified. Digital workflows, hand in hand, with digital fabrication are certainly topic on mind of many engineers in the construction industry.
In this paper, we will expand on our current research looking into composite glass structures. We will focus on to improving parametric design and generalize workflows. We will research possibilities of current digital fabrication techniques and identify possible methods applicable in structural glass and adhesives. Investigating possibilities and limitations of the digital fabrication in the construction industry could lead to increase in fabrication tolerances, safety and productivity as currently labour intensive techniques are dictating cost of many innovative solutions. Case study glass / glass hybrid panel developed together with TU Delft for the glasstec fair 2018 in Dusseldorf will be discussed in the context of other past and current Arup projects to demonstrate current digital design advances. The glass / glass composite panel can enable us to design bigger spans while preserving natural resources which is another increasingly pressing parameter influencing our current designs.

Peter Lenk

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Dimitris Vitalis

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