Metal-to-glass bond strength of structural PVB

This paper presents the results of an exploratory study into the metal-to-glass bond strength of a structural polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer (Saflex Structural DG by Eastman). The study consists of three laboratory test series, all executed at room temperature. In the first series, pull-out tests were performed on thin metal inserts that were laminated between two glass plies. These pull-out tests showed a considerable pull-out resistance and a high consistency in the test results. In the second series, shear tests were performed on thick metal buttons that were laminated to monolithic glass pieces. These shear tests showed again a considerable shear strength of the metal-to-glass connection and a good consistency in the test results. In the third series, tension tests were performed on similar button specimens as used for the shear tests. These tension tests showed high consistency in tension stiffness, but a relatively large dispersion in ultimate failure load. Overall, it is concluded that the structural PVB offers a considerable metal-to-glass bond strength which calls for further investigation of its potential in structural glass connections.

Christian Louter

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