Load bearing behaviour of Innovative Lightweight Glass-Plastic-Composite Panels

The trend towards large glass façades and the urge to reduce the material to a minimum requires further development in high performance lightweight structures. Therefore, a combination of plastic interlayer core and cover layers of thin glass was developed to reduce self-weight and utilize the high durability of glass at the same time. The glass-plastic-composite panels behave as a unit and ensure a safe load bearing behaviour. First studies including four-point bending tests according to DIN EN 1288-3 showed a nearly equivalent load bearing behaviour to monolithic glass panes with the same nominal thickness. However, the composite behaviour significantly depends on the time and temperature dependent stiffness of the plastic interlayer material as well as the shear connection between core and glass. Hence, an extended experimental study on the time and temperature dependent load bearing behaviour of the new composite panels was performed. The paper presents and discusses the insights. Additionally, it includes a study on potential material models and numeric simulations to extend the results to a large scale of application. The simulations correspond to experimental results and allow a suitable design of the new high performance glass-plastic-composite panels.