Latest developments in laminating technologies

In this hands-on workshop the participants will get familiar with latest development in the lamination and interlayer technologies. This is a very comprehensive and practical workshop about lamination and related process challenges. We will cover the latest technological innovations in the lamination lines as well as the possibilities with increased automation. The participants will learn and hand-on process both PVB and SentryGlas products and will learn where to concentrate on when running those products. The workshop will also include information about autoclave cycle. The workshop is targeted for persons who are already dealing with lamination and wish to expand their expert know-how about process improvement, but also to persons/companies who are thinking of going into lamination in the future. This is also an excellent opportunity for glass consultants to gain recent information about the lamination process innovations.
Maximum number of participants is 30 so reserve your place well in advance!

Leaflet & timetable