How to fall out of love with your own idea

This presentation challenges the audience to let go of even the greatest of ideas until the most important questions are answered. When you focus on leading the change, there’s a good chance of accidentally missing something essential. As a result, you may end up loving your own idea more than the actual problem you should be solving for your customer to help them succeed. Getting rejected is not fun – and it’s not just something you encounter while dating or searching for a job. It also applies to asking for feedback on your idea – even more so if you’re already deeply in love with it. But it serves the purpose of ending up with something amazing instead of average, which is exactly why we need to learn to embrace rejection until we finally get the green light. It is all about learning to fall out of love with your own idea, and instead focusing your affection on the problem worth solving. After this presentation, the audience will have the means to write their own success story of creating beloved services and products, and guide their own company’s way of working to become customer-centric in the process.

Mirkka Länsisalo

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