HIGH TEC achievable for everyone

The reduction of costs maintaining clear architecture, constructive and structural concepts. In the world of glass especiallywith the structural glass use it is normal to see big projects, with huge budgets and big specialist companies involved, as the glass cube. However, thank to these kinds of projects, the technology is moving forward, and little projects with clear concepts can be developed. The main issue in all these projects is the main concept in all levels: architecture, structural and constructive. With these concepts clearly defined, and without other elements, it is easy to obtain great results with a low economical effort. The Arturo Soria lobby is one of these projects, holding a clear architectural and structural scheme without other interactions. The project is the ampliation of an existing lobby, to grant new access requirements, stepping into the existing courtyard and creating a bigger space with more light and transparency, in a direct relation to the landscape. For this reason, all the enclosure has been made of glass, avoiding structural massive elements that do not allow this transparency. The enclosure is composed by a vertical façade with a free design and a horizontal skylight, all in glass. To avoid structural elements the horizontal glass skylights is supported over the vertical glass façade. The skylight is supported by horizontal fins, fixed on one side to the building and on the other side to a steel beam. This beam is supported in its lateral edges over the building, but in order to minimize its dimension, a new support is situated in the middle over the vertical glass façade pane. To avoid the buckling of this element, two vertical glass panes are situated on both sides, perpendicularly, and fixed with structural silicone. In order to guarantee the load transmission in the correct way, some especial steel fittings are situated on the enclosure. The structural and architectural concept is clear, and all the requirements are conditioned by these concepts. To make this project a small regular construction company was able to tackle the challenge of the construction, avoiding the use of a façade or glass specialist sub-contractors, reducing to the limit the final construction cost.