High Rise Facades: Managing Risk for Architects

So much more is expected of High-Rise Facades today: more in terms of thermal performance, energy and comfort; more in terms of weatherproofness; more in terms of durability and the maintenance of performance values achieved at project completion over the ensuing years. What are the risks that the Architect must manage? Are the materials and products selected for use fit for purpose? Are these materials and products being used in the way in which they were intended to be used? Is what is being delivered what was specified? Is the Architect’s technical specification document overly prescriptive? How is compliance to be ensured? Are industry standards and codes adequate to the task? Above all, does the building owner fully understand, and accept, what is being delivered in the works under contract? What are the compliance protocols that can be introduced to mitigate risk? Third-party design review? Managing client / building owner expectations? Independent inspectors at point of manufacture? “What if “ workshops? Managing risk and the professional indemnity insurer? What types of technical issues are arising today in the façade industry and how can the Architect mitigate risk?