HEAL Lab develops new digital services around Healthy and Affordable Living

HEAL is a collaborative, transparent and innovative ecosystem transforming the construction value chain through innovative technology solutions, impatient disruption and novel partnerships.

Construction industry suffers from low productivity and is not digitally mature. Prices of buildings are record high and still one of six Europeans lives in an unhealthy building. Potential for improving the status quo is huge. Therefore HEAL seeks to find new solutions for integrated knowledge demand and disruption, and better possibilities to collect, analyse and share data throughout the whole construction value chain.

Stora Enso, The Renewable materials company, and TRÄ Group, Helsinki-based growth company, are founders of HEAL. The companies are building an open platform that will change the way people design, build, buy and maintain buildings sustainably. We aim to make the end-to-end process – from design, via production all the way to the facility management and end of life of a building – more transparent and visible.

HEAL encourages ecosystem thinking, uses new methods and tools, such as agile, open, user centric service design and participative co-creation sessions, and likes to combine the best of analogue and digital worlds.

The end-goal of this joint venture is to offer different stakeholders, from consumers to building professionals, information and sophisticated tools for healthy and affordable living. Join us in this exciting journey!

Julia Ahvenainen

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Thomas Noreila

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