Glass laminated functionalities

The progress in material and manufacturing technologies has enabled the implementation of electronics with completely new features. In addition to the rigid silicon based electronics, flexible, deformable and large area electronics had become a reality. As a part of that technological development, glass laminated electronics has become an interesting enabler for the products relevant to the fields such as architecture and automotive. Printed hybrid electronics integration inside the laminated glass utilizes the latest knowhow of materials and manufacturing technologies. In this approach, electronics’ components are not only covered by glass, but they are embedded as solid functional system within the glass laminate, making it different from the conventionally glass protected devices such as solar panels or displays. In Flex-in Glass R&D project we have studied and developed several electronic/photonic functionalities embedded in glass laminates. Already demonstrated functionalities include lighting&displays, sensing, wireless communication and wireless powering. Preliminary experiments have carried out on wireless powering test system at 6.78MHz resonant frequency achieving received power level of 22,6W with efficiency of 79% achieved with test system. Efficiency can improved even further by improving design to reach 30W and above received power level. In order to demonstrate achieved capability we have implemented fully functional wireless glass laminated demonstrator including all the listed functionalities above.

Kimmo Keränen

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