Glass Cutting and Grinding

Part One – Cutting: The first step in processing float glass is the cutting step. The choice of the right cutting parameters is decisive and influences the quality and the lifetime of the processed glass. The workshop will provide the participants with all information necessary to understand the cutting process and to create a perfect cutting result. Beneath other things Mr. Pokoern will report the effect of cutting wheel, cutting wheel angle, cutting wheel finish, cutting pressure and speed. Additionally, Mr. Emonds will report details regarding the influence of the cutting fluid on the cutting process.

Part Two – Grinding: Part Two will start with a general overview of the grinding process using diamond tools, it will enlighten different test methods for quantifying the edge quality and it will present practice test data regarding e.g. the influence of different coolants on the edge finish of ground as well as drilled glass. In a more practical approach the proper handling of synthetic coolants will be on focus. Amongst others parametres like cleaning efficiency, corrosion protection, pH-value, and water recycling be discussed.

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Michael Emonds

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Peter Pokoern

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