Glass Coatings Useful for the Prevention of Bird Collisions

It is estimated that 100 million to 1 billion birds a year perish due to collisions with glass. In North America, some communities have enacted legislation aimed at protecting birds by calling for the design and installation of bird-safe glazing. Such glazing can be produced by printing human-visible, first-surface coatings on glass, in specific patterns. Another option is to print a UV-reflective coating on the glass to make use of the unique vision characteristics of birds. Such coatings have a lower visual impact on the human viewer. Candidate coatings have been tested at the Powdermill Avian Research Center in Rector, Pennsylvania, USA. Avoidance scores of 70 to 86% have been observed for the candidate coatings. The testing conditions and a description of the avoidance score will be discussed. An example of the use of the coating in an attractive design will be provided.

Enos "Andy" Axtell

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