Glass coatings that recycle sunlight instead of throwing it away

Solar Control Coatings and Low Emissivity coatings have been developed rapidly and made a large impact in the upstream glass manufacturing industry just as in the modern architectural freedom. These coatings have been developed to tackle the challenges of keeping heat out of inner areas. Now that we are capable of doing such, time has come to improve the principal of “throwing away” light by simply reflecting it. This talk will discuss new materials and technologies that “recycle” the sunlight that otherwise would be thrown away into urban areas. The speaker will share how different coatings are built of an industry-standard inorganic material doped with a low concentration of luminescent centers. The coatings absorb sunlight uniformly over a spectrum ranging from ultraviolet to visible light. Thereafter re-emitting the light in the near-infrared region, resulting in zero overlap between the absorption and emission spectra. The result are colorless coatings with no self-absorption, creating the first scalable LSC technology which doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics. These coatings have the potential to serve industries ranging from commercial real estate to automotive. Because of production reasons: industry common magnetron sputtering is the method of application. Because of application reasons: light collection and conversion are separated and enable all orientations of light irradiance.