First Look: Application of Eyrise in Commercial Projects and Beyond

As we move into an era where energy efficiency is of greater importance, advanced technology is now being employed to solve some of these problems.  Switchable windows are one of these solutions. One of these new applications is dynamic glass called eyriseTM.   Merck has helped by developing advanced LCD materials and high-quality liquid crystal mixtures that are now implemented into Eyrise smartglass windows. These advanced crystals have been developed specifically for turning future glass applications and ideas into reality. Merck is driving the technology development to achieve a faster market penetration and wider range of architectural applications with tailor-made and design solutions.

EyriseTM are switchable glazing units incorporating a layer of liquid crystals that change light transmittance or to even switch to private state. When low voltage is applied, the liquid crystal material switches in a fraction of a second, faster than anything else on the market. This switching process influences not only light transmission, but also the overall energy transmittance of the glazing. Multiple commercial installation of eyriseTM are discussed and show the creativity it can unlock, allowing new design opportunities and a new dimensions in architecture. 

This presentation will be an exciting overview of the first commercial projects implementing this cutting edge technology.

Jasper van den Muijsenberg

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