Does Safety Glass Manufactured Abroad Meet US Building Code?

Building materials, systems and components have been outsourced to different markets for different reasons. Reasons such as size, color and type availability as well as cost are some of the factors that impact outsourcing. All building materials, systems and components need to satisfy and abide to standards and regulations; regardless of the country of origin. Our duty as façade engineers and consultants is that we must advocate for compliance with Building Codes and Standards that govern and are applicable in the project’s jurisdiction. Due to the highly technical requirements for manufacturing large insulated curved glass units that meet thermal and structural performance, in concert with glass safety requirements; some projects in the U.S.A. have sought out curved glass from Europe and other markets. Safety glazing standards and requirements in Europe and other markets differ from those in the United States, but, could an equivalence be established between the European and the United States requirements? Can glass manufactured in other markets satisfy requirements in the U.S.? If glass from other markets doesn’t satisfy the requirements in the U.S., can it be used in projects? This presentation explores requirement differences between the European and U.S. standards.

Vicente Montes-Amoros

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