Development of a Novel CCF Glass Tube Façade in Hong Kong

This paper deals with the development and construction of a novel 2,308 sqm glass tube Façade engineered by Eckersley O’Callaghan (EOC) as façade consultant. The tube façade consists in total of 307 tubes made of laminated safety glass, 238 half- and 69 full-tubes with a height of 9m and a di-ameter of 900mm. The half-tubes are connected with aluminium profiles and each is provided with a cut duplex-stainless steel lid (top and bottom) fixed with structural silicone. The full tubes are pressur-ized with a CCF system (Closed Cavity Façade). Thereby, the space between inner and outer façade is encapsulated. The façade is located in a highly humid environment in Hong Kong with very high hurricane wind loads. Therefore, a special focus is given to the overall movement and load bearing concept. The tubes are pressurized with an adopted closed cavity façade (CCF) system due to the large enclosed air volume in the cavity. seele conducted extensive testing both in Germany and Hong Kong to confirm the feasibility of the system. Half glass tubes were bent and laminated in Europe, shipped to Hong Kong and structurally bonded to form full glass tubes before installed in the high-rise building in Hong Kong.

Martien Teich

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