Complex geometry glass balustrade: Eleftheria Square, design and construction

Today’s architectural demand for complex geometry has been developed to attain maximum transparency in more organic forms to improve the well-being of users and maximize interaction with the outside. A glass balustrade may be more than the functional propose, may be a land mark or point of cultural reunion creating an urban plaza for the city of Nicosia connecting both sides in the last divided capital of Europe. This glass balustrade has an inclination of 42,5º along its length with non-regular curved geometry. Structural glass elements and software modelling were specifically developed, simulated and tested to ensure that not only the structural but also the aesthetic performance of the glass structure is guaranteed. The presentation describes the process from design to construction of the glass West Balustrade in Eleftherias Square Nicosia-Cyprus. In here we present results of the 3D modelling, special glass fittings fabric, glass product testing and construction to successfully implement this prominent and futuristic design by Zaha Hadid Architecture project.

Frederico Figueiredo

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