Automating Flat Glass Lamination Process

Flat laminating process automation has been mainly focusing on automating assistive features on the laminating lines. These include, for example, glass movement, glass positioning and automatic foil trimming. These features enable an automated process that can work only in very limited conditions and do not meet the requirements of an average glass processor who delivers glass to architectural segment.

A key shortcoming in automating the laminating process has traditionally been laminating furnace heating technology that requires careful production planning and a vast amount of recipe changes between products. The latest convection-based heating technology offers a very efficient solution for this challenge. Moreover, combined with efficient data collection and analysis it also offers a platform that supports further automation that serves the needs of most architectural glass processors.

This presentation goes through how the glass flow of a lamination line has been revolutionized by the new technology and presents the required steps for automating flat laminating process.


flat glass laminating, automation, digitalization