All-Glass Constructions: Requirements for Design and Engineering

Within 4 hours the participants will gain an insight to the process of realizing complex all-glass facade structures. This workshop will discuss glass design, structural and movement concepts, bearing strategy, manufacturing, installation and the use of large glass sizes and its challenges. Following the introduction to a recently completed all-glass project and a short briefing, the participants will have to develop solutions in an interactive part. The participants will be supported by the workshop organizers. Hence, a main focus of the workshop is on the participant’s collaborative and interactive development of design solutions for all-glass projects where the recently built facade ICONSIAM in Bangkok, Thailand, forms the background for the task. The organizers will introduce the participants in the realized design of the final facade in the last part of this workshop. Other examples of all-glass projects will be presented and discussed, too. Target group for this workshop are young and motivated engineers, designers and architects at the beginning of their career with a strong interest in steel and glass construction.

Leaflet & timetable