State of the art calculation methods for silicone structural glazing joint dimensioning

Silicone Structural Glazing (Glass Bonding) has been applied successfully for more than 50 years on glass façades. Historically, joint dimensions have been calculated using an analytical simplified equation which is implemented in various standards (e.g. ETAG002, ASTM C1401). As modern glass façade projects increase in design complexity and performance requirements, it becomes necessary to develop alternative calculation methods tailored to these modern bonded glass façades. This workshop studies different methods for calculating silicone joints meeting real life conditions in state-of-the-art facades. Topics covered include an in-depth review of current and advanced analytical calculation methods and how to successfully apply Finite Element Analysis and Spring Modeling to silicone joint dimensioning. N.B. To attend this workshop, it is recommended that participants have a basic knowledge in structural mechanics.