Innovative Facade Types – The Closed Cavity Facade

Numerous innovations have been seen in the last decades concerning new façade technologies. These were driven by new materials or new applications of known materials, such as glued-on wall structures (structural glazing) in the 60’s and 70’s. On the other hand we saw the increasing introduction of double and multiple-layer façades including a return to natural ventilation in the 90’s and the new millenium. Today we see the Closed Cavity Façade (CCF) as a promising and innovative way to develop new possibilities especially for high-rise buildings which may come to the same rank within the next years. The following report will provide an overview over the existing systems und it will point out the challenges and the chances of this advanced new façade system. Furthermore there will be presented several reference projects of the past years, both completed and under contruction.

Valentin Balog

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