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All eyes on smarter glass

Glass performance days 2019

Workshops June 25-26, 2019, Tampere, Finland

Conference and exhibition June 26-28, 2019, Tampere, Finland

Final Program

Registration for the 2019 GPD is now open!

Dear colleagues

Issuing a Final Program contains an element of ”The Final Truth”. The international glass community has at times been labeled traditional. In perusing the structure of this program things come into a totally different light. This is true particularly compared with the status of the industry at the beginning of the conference series 27 years and 16 GPDs ago.

We can truly say that we have become global. Sourcing must consider the best practices and applications world-wide. Glass is no longer just a sheet of glass but rather a specialized and at times very hi-tech product. Today we talk about electronics embedded in the glass, glass with special characteristics from coating, glass as a structural element and as a safe and intelligent building module. Glass is transparent, provides day-lighting, energy-efficiency and it communicates. It is fair to say that glass today serves building-owners, users and occupants better than ever before. In addition the material offers designers and architects options unheard of in the old times.

From this perspective the expanded glass family served by dedicated GPD supporters is more important than ever. We need to make sure that our tradition of renewal, innovation and bold application continues. To do that we must involve both seasoned specialists who know the game and engage newcomers who have yet to learn more about this special industry. Such newcomers bring new thinking without prejudice – a commitment to continuous development. Start-up companies and their innovations are our future.

This Final Program is special for personal reasons also. It is my final Final Program as Chairman of the GPD. An appropriate and very personal pledge from my part is to continue to stand by the GPD and the glass industry with initiatives, ideas and experiences – and most importantly to contribute to the transferring of my career-long network and the noble idea of information sharing to new generations.

Yours truly,

Jorma Vitkala

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EUR 1250
+ 24% VAT
for registrations received from May until the conference starts

The participant registration for GPD Finland 2019 is now open.

While completing your registration, you will also have to choose your participation in the evening social activities and book your hotel room. Please, keep in mind that during the time of the Conference, Tampere hotels are fully booked, therefore GPD has made reservations for all participants in advance.

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Conference sessions

Workshops 25–26, June 2019

Our 4 –8 -hour workshops are intensive and focus on techniques and skills in a particular field (e.g. pre-processing, IGU, tempering, solar glass, structural glass facades, etc). The main purpose is communication and exchange of information among moderately small groups e.g. the number of participants for practical workshops will be limited from 5–15 persons and 20–50 persons for theoretical workshops. Each workshop costs 150€ + VAT 24%.

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Step Change

Step Change is a module of the GPD Conference, which is aimed at bringing new technologies, startup companies and investors togetherto develop the entire glass industry.

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The exhibition will be held under the same roof as the conference. Exhibitors stand to benefit as follows:

  • Networking and fostering partnerships with like-minded professionals
  • Direct company and product promotion to a targeted audience of high level decision-makers.
  • Establishing new contacts and laying foundations for future business

Interested to exhibit?

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Work, games and fun

The venue plays a key role in making the event interactive, participatory and fun in engaging all attendees to create an effective learning, sharing and networking environment. Here are some of the key activities that will be going on during the conference days:

Evening activities:
  • Get Together Party, Conference Dinner, Legendary Farewell Party
Day time activities:
  • 1 to 1 meetings during lunch and coffee breaks, which you can book in advance.
  • Factory Tours will be arranged. Participants will get the opportunity to see how these factories work and possibly meet with some of their suppliers.


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Hotel and travel info

Tampere is located in Southern Finland, 175 km north of Helsinki and it can easily be reached by train, bus or airplane.

During your stay in Tampere you will need a place where to relax and get a good night’s sleep before yet another busy GPD day. There are great hotels with GPD rates, from all of these you will get the bus transportation to the Conference venue. Please note that the hotel room is NOT included in the conference fee. This is an additional fee paid by you directly to the hotel.


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For any inquires or assistance please contact:

Brown Onduso
Mob. +358 40 773 9313

Jorma Vitkala
Tel. +358 10 500 6216 Mob. +358 40 553 2042