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Convection in glass lamination to future-proof your process

By Jussi Niemioja Lamination – the process to help glass achieve improved strength, stability and sound insulation – is increasingly becoming popular in the modern glass-processing business. Besides being used to create innovative glass designs, lamination is growing in popularity because today’s glazing industry is imposing ever stricter safety standards. Lamination is an easy way

Abstracts submission deadline extended

Due to several requests, we have now extended the lower speaking fee deadline for submitting abstracts for GPD finland 2017 to 6.11.2017. We hope you will take advantage of this. To submit your abstract, use the link below GPD Finland 2017 abstract submission platform In case you may want to arrange a half-day or one-day

Time to issue call for papers for GPD Finland 2017

Dear Colleagues, Time again to issue a Call for Papers – to another Glass Performance Days event and one that will out-perform its predecessors. Again we introduce new thoughts and concepts, streamline our arrangements and sharpen our focus. Growth – Knowledge – New Generation is our theme for 2017. In issuing this summons, it strikes

The Value of Pushing Limits

By Jonathan Cohen The art of pushing the limits or boundaries has been practiced for decades. Pushing limits has its pros and cons. It could be very costly if not successful. However, when successful, it ends up with the creation of new products, services or processes that normally add value to organizations and society. According

Understanding the tempering line costs and payback

By Miika Äppelqvist A tempering line investment is usually one of the biggest investments a glass processing factory can make. However, the costs related to the investment are more than just the machine alone. The calculation may seem simple, however, different companies value different factors in a very different way. The methods of calculation might