Objectives & Values

A Dedicated Forum with a Clear Objective

Glass Performance Days addresses the entire glass industry supply chain from researchers to architects, designers, glass producers, processors, equipment providers and end-users. This objective is met as follows:

  • by collecting and distributing current and future-oriented information on glass
  • by establishing and stimulating co-operation between research institutes, universities and the entire glass industry
  • by providing meeting environments for establishing new contacts and the forming of networks among glass professionals
  • by providing a starting point for future innovations and their commercialization
  • by exploring new applications for glass as a versatile, safe and competitive material

Transparency as the Guiding Value

The Glass Performance Days is founded on the principles of transparency, trust and objectivity. Practical business aspects underlie every realistic endeavor. The conference is therefore geared to create true competitive advantage. That, in turn, sets the stage for sustainable business dealings.

The GPD recognizes the fact that the true value of information becomes apparent only when it is shared. In this way the interdependency between the links in the glass industry chain are well served both upstream and downstream. Many new innovations are tested in the knowledgeable GPD forum before they are put into practice.