Why organize a GPD workshop

As a workshop organizer you will have the possibility to explain in a comprehensive manner your / your company’s latest developments and / or most innovative ideas. As the organizer you have the freedom of choosing the topic, based on the conference overall theme, and decide on how you would like to run the workshop. You have also the right to choose who you wish to attend the workshop from those registered for it.

Please note! The workshop needs to be at least 4 hours and at most 8 hours long. The content of the Workshop can NOT be commercial. For some more information on how the workshop may be organized, please visit our Guidelines page.

Organizing a GPD workshop may create valuable opportunities both for your company as well as for you as a professional, among which the following:

  • Enhance your company’s image as a knowledge based organization, at an international level
    • Introduce your new ideas to an interested audience of the industry’s experts
  • Enhance your professional image
    • Present your research
    • Get Professional feedback about your work
    • Educate other professionals
    • Be heard as an expert
  • Educate yourself
    • meet and listen to other experts

If you are interested in organizing a workshops please submit your proposal here