How to create your manuscript

Manuscript instructions are the same for both oral and poster presentations.The deadline for manuscript submission is normally indicated in the call for papers brochure of specific events . For more information, please contact Mr.Brown Onduso. Full details on submission in the instructions.

Poster presentations

The only difference between a poster and oral presentation is that poster presentation is a written description of the study or article with illustrations which will be presented to the conference audience only in printed form and placed on a poster board in the poster exhibition. Please note that GPD Organization is not responsible for printing the posters. The speaker has to provide the printed poster

Oral presentations

We recommend all oral presenters (or speakers) to make a PowerPoint to support the presentation. The PowerPoint must be ready and sent to the conference organizers by the set deadlines. If the presentation hasn’t been sent by the given deadline, the organizers can not guarantee the functionality of the PowerPoint at the event venue.