Guidelines for becoming a speaker

There are specific rules you have to take into consideration before preparing any material you wish to present for any of the GPD conferences. Please note the following:

  • The material you are presenting is NOT a sales pitch
  • The presentation should NOT be brand focused
  • Papers MUST BE non-commercial, industrial or industrial-scientific. They should present a product type and its use in a technical manner that is intriguing to industry experts.

We recommend:

  • The abstract, paper and presentation should have a technical and design focus
  • Use as much hands on technical research, testing, hypothetical results, final results etc as possible
  • show process design from initial selection through completion
  • Show the material in its larger context with e.g.  buildings, façade, design and/or implementation when possible


What is an abstract and how to write an abstract

How to create your manuscript

How to write your personal introduction

How to create your PowerPoint presentation