GPD Committee Set-ups

Each GPD conference comprises of several parts – mainly the education, business and networking parts. Each part is organized by carefully selected committees. The committee members consist of glass industry professionals from different companies as well as educational and research institutes. The goal is to ensure that the activities in each part are well coordinated to provide effective returns to all the participants.

The organizing committee is responsible for organizing all GPD events worldwide. However, the roles of the other committees are restricted to the respective GPD event and do not extend to other GPD events.

The main committees are:

  • Advisory Committee – provides advice on issues related to the glass, and its related industries.
  • Organizing Committee – focus is on all organizational issues related to a specific event
  • Program committee: – provides the educational content of a specific event

Sub-committees may also be formed according to the needs of each event. For more info about the committee set-up of each event, please visit the site of the respective event.

GPD Finland 2019 Committees