Scientific Committee

This committee will grant interested academics and researchers the opportunity to have their papers reviewed. The advantage of having your paper reviewed is that the scientific quality of your paper is guaranteed and it will be recognized as such at your home institution and within the scientific community.

To make sure your paper is considered for this peer-review, please tick the box “I would like to submit my paper for scientific peer-review” when submitting your abstract.

Each submitted paper will undergo the following:

  • In-depth review process. Participants will be informed about the results.
  • Requests for subsequent editing can be made depending on the quality of the paper.
  • Papers that do not meet the scientific quality requirement might be rejected.
  • Approved papers will be distinguished as such in the conference proceedings book.

NOTE: In the event your paper may not be approved by the peer-review process it will still be eligible for publication in the conference proceedings, though without special recognition.

This scientific committee is a sub-committee and is the first time it has been introduced at any of the GPD events ,hence we encourage all interested participates to take advantage  of this.

GPD Finland 2017 scientific committee members

Jan Belis Christian_Louter_photo_cropped Jens Schneider
Jan Belis
Prof. Dr.. Ir.-arch.
Ghent University & TU/e
Christian Louter
Dr. Ir.
Delft TU
Jens Schneider
Prof. Dr. -ing.
Darmstadt TU